VH-TFJ   Fokker F.27 Friendship 200     'Fred Brockman'            (c/n  10135)


                                       Unlike the Dash-100s, TAA's series 200 machines were not renamed upon arrival.  -TFJ began
                                       services in November 1969.  Greg Banfield's shot aboive was taken at Macot in July 1964.   It
                                       was seconded to the airline's New Guinea operations in March 1967 and later re-named 'Rabaul'.
                                       It was sold to Air Nuigini in 1974 and became P2-TFJ, (later P2-ANC).   In 1984 the Friendship
                                       went to Air UK as G-BLML.  It was re-registered G-SOFS in 1987 when sold to Nordic Oil
                                       Services Ltd and finally withdrawn from service at Southend Airport in 1991 having previously
                                       been sold to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Protection  Agency.