VH-TFG  Fokker F.27 Friendship     'Dirk Hartog'                        (c/n  10122)


                                       This was the aircraft name which TAA had requested Fokkers paint on VH-TFA.  Just why they
                                       were all switched around upon delivery I don't know.   To give the sign painter some work?   -TFG
                                       flew with the airline for twenty years (1959-1979) before being sold off through Australian Aircraft
                                       Sales to Evergreen International as N300AS.  Danny Tanner saw it with the big 'T' livery on short
                                       finals to Eagle Farm in July 1977 (below). In September 1979 it was sold to  Pilgrim Airlines as
                                       N142PM.   Jon Proctor caught it (foot of page) at La Guardia in June of 1984 in full (latter day)
                                       Pilgrim livery.   Business Express, who took over Pilgrim Airlines sold it to to Air Dabia (of The
                                       Gambia) in 1996 but the deal did not go through and the machine was scrapped at Hernando
                                       County Airport, Brooksville, Florida.    I shall refrain from a further comment about TPACs.
                                       I assume Business Express took it as a tax write off.