VH-TFF  Fokker F.27 Friendship      'Alan Cunningham'                        (c/n  10121)


                                         Delivered to the airline in 1959.  Leased to East West Airlines in 1975.  Exported in
                                         1981 to Evergreen International as N1036U, but sold almost immediately to Touraine
                                         Air Transport (TAT) as F-GAOT, and, after a few months to Air Uni.  The last three
                                         corporate identities may, in fact, all be subsidiaries of one another.  They are all in the
                                         air freight business.   It turned up in the new millennium as OO-SVM and then went to
                                         F-WKPX from whence it was scrapped.    Details on this are murky.  Why, for instance
                                         would a stock machine be registered F-W?  Did they do some weird conversion?