VH-TFE   Fokker F.27 Friendship       'Robert Burke'                 (c/n 10120)  


                                         This photograph was obtained from the Jennifer Gradidge collection for a book I intended
                                         to publish entitled 'Airlines and Airliners of Yesteryear'.  In the event, no publisher was willing
                                         to take it on.   Since I had left Australia by May of 1959 when this aircraft was taken on
                                         strength by TAA, it is the only F-27 of that airline that I have in my collection.  As I finish
                                         up the collection as it now exists, I will probably add (donated) others of the 1960-70 era.
                                         This particular aircraft was leased to, and eventually purchased by, the Department of Civil
                                         Aviation (in 1971).  A photograph, and details of this ownership, may be found at:
                                         It was sold in the U.K. in 1978 to Air Anglia as G-SPUD (did it carry potatoes?) and later
                                         was operated by Air UK as G-OMAN (on the Isle of Man route).  Its ultimate fate is unknown.