VH-TFB   Fokker F.27 Friendship     'Abel Tasman'                      (c/n  10112)


                                 As Phil Vabre said, when he contributed the shot:  "They don't fly 'em like this any more!".  Geoff
                                 Goodall identifies the venue as Parafield, probably late 1959.  The lower shot, around the same
                                 time period, was at taken Essendon.
                                 On June 10 1960, VH-TFB was on final approach to Mackay Airport, Queensland at night and in
                                 foggy weather when it flew into the ocean south-east of the airport.   29 passengers and crew lost
                                 their lives.   It was the largest loss of life in an Australian aircraft accident and TAA's first since its
                                 foundation 14 years earlier.  .