VH-TDB  Cessna 411                           (c/n  411-0007)


                                        Here's a sharp looking 411 at Bankstown in June 1965, just after it was first registered to Research
                                        Aviation Pty Ltd.  Photo by Greg Banfield.  It was nicely finished in a standard Cessna factory livery
                                        rendered in white, beige and maroon, and was formerly N7307U.  In April 1966 it went to Murchison
                                        Air Charter, and two years after that (in April 1968) it was registered to Simpson Aviation Pty Ltd as
                                        a replacement for the Cessna 402 VH-CJA.  It didn't stay with them long and by December 1969 it
                                        was with Aerial Photographs and Surveys.    It then had several other owners before being withdrawn
                                        from service and struck off the register on 25 August 1981.    Despite its good looks, with the number
                                        of owners it had, one wonders if it might not have been something of a 'lemon'.