VH-TAY (2)   Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar                                          c/n  2613

                                        Built as a C-60A-5-LO with USAAF serial 43-16453.  Went to the RAAF as A67-10
                                        (call sign VHRAJ).  Civilianized to DCA as VH-CAB .
                                        The above image is a Henry W. Pryor photograph, via Ron Cuskelly, whilst the shot immediately
                                        below is via the CAHS collection.  The poor quality image at the following that is from my own
                                        collection and shows the aircraft at Bankstown just prior to being sold in the USA as N5080V. 
                                        Photo Nos. 4 and 5 are more  CAHS archives images of the Lodestar wearing its original US
                                        rego along with one of it as the Learstar it eventually became.                                       
                                        For a complete history of this aircraft go to Ron Cuskelly's "The Lockheed File" site at: