VH-TAK   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                      (c/n  13338)


                                     Started life as a C-47A-25-DK, USAAF serial 42-108949.   Went to the RAAF as A65-52,
                                     call sign VHCIJ.   To Trans Australia in September 1946, named 'Evans'. . My early shot
                                     above was at Essendon in 1953.    The gorgeous shot by Tom Amor (via Greg Ball) below
                                     shows -TAK refuelling at Longreach en route to Winton carrying the  investigation team to
                                     the Viscount VH-RMI crash in September 1966.   VH-TAK went to TAA services in New
                                     Guinea in 1968 and to Forrestair Cargo Pty Ltd in 1975, as seen in the shot at the foot of the
                                     page by Mike Madden, taken at Essendon in May 1975.  Withdrawn from use in 1978, it was
                                     scrapped at Essendon.