VH-TAJ   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                                       (c/n  13085)        


                                     This aircraft was originally 42-93200, a C-47A-20-DK Skytrain, which was allotted to the
                                     RAAF becoming A65-51.(VHCIH).   TAA received it in 1946 and named it 'McKinlay' 
                                     22 years later withdrew it from active service in Brisbane in 1968.  I saw it at Essendon
                                     (above) in 1955.     The late (and great) Greg Banfield took a shot of it at Mascot in Jan-
                                     uary 1963 (below) wearing the then contemporary TAA livery.   In 1969 it was sold to
                                     Seulawah Air Services dba Mandala Airlines as PK-RDH.  It was withdrawn from use
                                     whilst still on their books.