VH-TAI   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                         (c/n  9998)


                                               Built on the same production line (only three hulls apart) from its stablemate VH-TAH,
                                               this machine was also a C-47A-1-DK, USAAF serial 42-24136.    It was A65-16
                                               with the RAAF (call sign VHCTP).    It then flew continuously with TAA as 'Oxley'
                                               until 1968 when it had the distinction of operating the last DC-3 passenger service
                                               for TAA in October of that year. It then flew for the short-lived JetAirlines of Australia
                                               in 1970 until, in 1971, the Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs donated it (gifted it) to
                                               the Laotian Air Force where it became '998'.  My photo above was at Essendon in
                                               1953 while below are two Peter Gates' collection shots of VH-TAI in 'later life'.
                                               The upper one showing it in late 1960s TAA livery, whilst the lower one illustrates
                                               it with the oddly named JetAirlines of Australia.  Barrie Colledge's image at the foot
                                               of the page shows a variation of the Jetair scheme at Essendon, 1970.