VH-TAF  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                        (c/n  11866)


                                                 This aircraft was built out of the same block as its running mate, VH-TAE.  It was
                                                 formerly a C-47A-1-DK (42-92194) which was sent to the RAAF where it became
                                                 A65-20 with the call sign VHCTU.  With TAA it was named 'Warburton', and is
                                                 seen above at Essendon in 1956.  Also, like VH-TAE, it went to the New Guinea
                                                'Sunbird' services in 1961 and was re-registered VH-SBM.   It was then sold in Indo-
                                                 nesia in 1968 as PK-RDE with Seulawah Air Services, and withdrawn from service
                                                 in 1975.