VH-TAD (1)   Douglas DC-4-1009                                          (c/n  43068)                                                


                                    Delivered new from Santa Monica in 1946, VH-TAD served the airline until 1969 when
                                    it was sold to International Air Development as CF-LOY and worked in Canada's Northwest
                                    Territories.   Originally named 'McDouall Stuart' (as seen in my shot above at Essendon in
                                    1955) in its latter years with it was renamed ' John Ross'.  In Canada It was probably used
                                    in a  mixed pax/freighter configuration).     European  Asiatic Airlines purchased it in 1960
                                    when it bore the US  'foreign operated' style (i.e. outside of the U.S.) registration N9702F.
                                    It was last heard of in storage in Delhi, India in 1965.
                                    Seen below are two historic images of -TAD from the Bruce Robinson collection.  Immediately
                                    below it is seen in its original, fuselage mounted rego markings, in company with VH-TAA
                                    outside the old TAA terminal at Essendon, probably in the late 1940s.  Following that is an
                                    early TAA publicity shot. .