VH-STE    Cessna 172D Skyhawk                                 (c/n  17250127)


                                      The 'D' model 172 was actually the first to be allocated, officially, by Cessna, to have the '172'
                                      in front of the c/n.         By doing this with all models it was easier for engineers or maintenance
                                      staff to address the correct bills of materiel quickly.   Registered new in June 1963 (ex N2527U),
                                      this Skyhawk was sold in India in October 2007, VT- rego not known.      Danny Tanner's shot
                                      above was at Essendon in 1982, while son's Dave's below was at Caboolture in 2003.  Bottom
                                     of the page is a Tony Arbon shot at Parafield in 1982 showing -STE in yet another livery. .