VH-SSF  (3)   CAC CA-28 Ceres C                              (c/n  13)


The second VH-SSF was the Ceres which was first registered VH-CEO.  It was immediately
                                        reregistered after being sold to Super Spread Aviation Pty Ltd.    Geoff Goodall's shot above
                                        was at Parafield in 1963   It had an active "second career" after leaving Super Spread.  Photo
                                        No 3 by the late and great Greg Banfield shows it a Bankstown in October 1966 in service
                                        with Marshall's Spreading Service.   Like all the ex Super Spread Ceres', -SSF eventually
                                        gravitated to Airfarm Associates, although by the time Mike Vincent took the photo No 4
                                        at Blayney, NSW in July 1976  it had just been delivered from Tamworth to Cliff J. Kearney
                                        who traded as Blayney Airfarmers.  Mike saw it again (foot of the page) in March 1982 at
                                        Goulburn, NSW in a very nice livery scheme.  That's Cliff in the cockpit.     It was current
                                        into the new millennium and is reported to be with the Historic Aircraft restoration Society.