VH-SRM   Piper PA-30 twin Comanche C                      (c/n  30-1882)


                                VH-SRM was another of those machines which first came onto the Australian civil register having
                                been a contestant in the 1969 BP London-Sydney Air Race.    It is seen below just after arrival in
                                this photo by David Carter, taken at Bankstown in January 1970.    Sponsors were:  Dayal Singh
                                Construction Co (titling over cabin); Mapmakers Aerial Photography; Hazair Agricultural Service
                                of Albury; Steggles Chickens  and a wine company whose name I cannot discern.     When Danny
                                Tanner saw it in the hangar at Parafield (above) in April 1978, it was looking very sharp.    Tip
                                tank aircraft are particularly difficult with which to get decent shots.       2000 Twin Comanches
                                were built, so this, as can been seen by its c/n, was one of the last.   In 1998 it was re-registered
                                VH-JMQ (replacing a similarly registered machine of the same type), and is still current in this
                                guise today (2016)