VH-SNI  Auster III                                    (c/n   238)


                                     If you look really closely you can see the civil rego on the top of the fin on this Auster, above
                                     the RAF tail flash.  It was originally built as a Model E and dubbed Auster II in the RAF,
                                     receiving serial number MZ105.  Shortly after delivery it was modified to Auster III status.
                                     MZ105 was shipped to Australia in 1944 and became the first Auster in the RAAF inventory
                                     (A11-1).  It then remained with the Australian military until 1959 when it was sold to the North
                                     Queensland Flying Club becoming VH-SNI.  It is now owned by George Law who has
                                     completely restored it, as seen in the above shot by Phil Vabre taken at the AAAA Fly-in
                                     at Narrandera in April of  2006.