VH-SMO  Lockheed L414-08 Hudson IV                       (c/n  414-6034)

                                       Previously VH-EWS, this Hudson was sold by East-West Airlines to John Fairfax and Sons
                                       (Sydney Morning Herald) in September 1962.  It was then leased to Adastra Aerial Surveys
                                       as a photographic survey aircraft.   It was later sold to Adastra's subsidiary Sepal Pty Ltd as
                                       VH-AGP.        The above shot, by Barney Deatrick (via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Essendon
                                       in February 1964.    Ron Cuskelly's photo below was taken at Mascot in December 1966, and
                                       shows it in basically the same livery.