VH-SMM  Lockheed L.414-08 Hudson IV             (c/n  6464)


                                  This aircraft was operated by the largest newspaper (at the time) in Australia to deliver copies
                                  to outback NSW stations.  Bankstown 1954.  It was leased to Adastra Aerial Surveys in 1959
                                  and sold to Adastra subsidiary Sepal Pty Ltd in 1966.  It was later re-registered VH-AGJ.  My
                                  photo above was at Bankstown n April 1954. The shot immediately below (# 2) is from the Jeff
                                  Atkinson collection (via Nigel Daw) and shows the Hudson in Adastra livery at Hobart's Cam-
                                  bridge Airport circa 1958,  while John Hopton's color photo (# 3) also illustrates Adastra Aerial
                                  Survey titling.  This was taken ast Essendon in March 1964   . Finally, Richard Maclean's shot
                                  shows it in Sepal markings at Essendon in 1966 (# 4).      For a full and complete history of this
                                  machine go to Ron Cuskelly's "The Lockheed File" entry at