VH-SMF   Piaggio P.166                                 (c/n 355)


                                  This P166 was imported from the U.K. (ex G-APVE) in 1963 for the Snowy Mountains Authority.
                                  In 1968 it was sold to Executive Air Charter of Woollongong, NSW, and a year later sold again to
                                  Sydney freight operator Ray Causer, t/a General Aviation Air Freighters Pty Ltd.   Ray was involved
                                  with most of the P166s during the 1970s when the airlines got rid of them.  Greg Banfield's photo
                                  above, taken at Bankstown in April 1970 shows -SMF with small 'G.A.A.F. Air Charter'  titling in
                                  the cheat line.   The earlier color shot, below, from the Ken Watson collection, shows it at Banktown
                                  while in service with the Snowy Mountains Authority.  -SMF was eventually broken up (in 1983) at