VH-SMC (2)  Aero Commander 680FL                  (c/n  1429-71)

                                       The 680FL was a 680F with a stretched fuselage providing accommodation for 11 (including the
                                       two up front).  Initially it was known as the Grand Commander, but this appellation was later
                                       changed to Courser Commander.  First flight was in April 1962.    The Ben Dannecker collection
                                       shot above was taken at Essemndon , while Greg Banfield's image immediately below was at
                                       Mascot in October of 1964.      The aircraft was operated, at the time, by the Snowy Mountains
                                       Hydro-Electric Authority.  It had come in from the USA bound for Australian Aero Commander
                                       agents Executive Air Services Pty Ltd of Essendon on 23 July 1964.      After receiving its CofA
                                       it became VH-SMC on 30 July 1964..  (It can be seen lurking  in the backgorund of the image of
                                       VH-SME).  In February 1972 -SMC was sold back to Executive Aviation who then on-sold it in
                                       New Zealand  as ZK-DHF.   Ray Deerness took a shot of it at Rotorua in January 1973 (foor of
                                       page, via the Geoff Goodall collection).