VH-SMA (1)  DHC-2 Beaver                               (c/n 1089)


                                    This was the first aircraft to be operated by the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority,
                                    registered to them in April 1958 as a new aircraft.  The above shot, by Ian McDonell was at
                                    Mascot in 1958 when the Beaver was virtually brand new and carrying the then standard livery
                                    for all Beavers.  As can be seen in the Ben Dannecker collection photo below, color scheme
                                    was yellow and dark blue.  This latter shot was taken at one of the several airstrips constructed
                                    throughout the rugged Snowy Mountain Range.  This, the first -SMA,  had a rather short career,
                                    being destroyed at the Geehi mountain airstrip on 21 May 1959.    The pilot aborted the takeoff
                                    but the Beaver ran off the strip striking stockyards and was burnt out.