VH-SKG  Bell 47G-3B1                                      (c/n  6782)


                                     To be quite honest I am not crazy about including these aluminum frame wonders in my photo
                                     collection.   I mean, they are not really aeroplanes, are they?  However, they were all registered
                                     and, as such I must display them!   The Danny Tanner shot above was in 1977, and the caption
                                     shows it as being at Essendon.  If it was, I don't recall any corner of the airport looking like that. 
                                     This chopper came onto the register in 1970 and was one of many owned by Air Fast Helicopters.
                                     It suffered damage at Lake Argyle, WA in October 1982, but was restored in 1993 as VH-MIK
                                   . It's CofA was revoked in 2006.