VH-SJL  Auster J/1B Aiglet                                  (c/n   2692)


                                   This Aiglet came in from Hong Kong in July 1968.  Originally built in 1947 for a customer in
                                   Malaya, it was first registered VR-RBP.  This was changed in 1963 when Malaysia re-regis-
                                   tered all aircraft and it became 9M-ALF.  Somewhere along the way it was sold in Hong Kong.
                                   Mike Vincent's photo (above, via the Geoff Goodall collection) was taken at Collector*, NSW
                                   in January 1977.  Livery was dark red and white.   In the shot at the foot of the page, by Geoff
                                   himself, it is seen on a strip at Mount Schank, near Mount Gambier, SA in June 1983. 
                                   VH-SJL is still currently registered, to an owner in South Australia.

                                  * Collector is a tiny township on the road from Goulburn to Canberra.  Little more than a pub and a
                                  service station.   For some reason I remember stopping there on a road trip from Brisbane to Mel-
                                  bourne in the 1940s in our trusty Austin 10.  A new Federal Highway has now by-passed the town,
                                  although it has, I remember, some historic links to the lawless past of the area, and is probably worth
                                  another visit!.    (Not by me, [2015] since I have now been on kidney dialysis for the past two years
                                  and my travels back to Oz are probably now over!).