VH-SHR  Victa Airtourer 100                                    (c/n  409)


                                  VH-SHR was the former Royal Victorian A/C's VH-RVM.    It was reregistered in March
                                  1967 very briefly as VH-RUG before taking up the registration it was to carry for the next
                                  50 years.    David Carter’s photo above shows it at Griffith in 1978 and not long after, in
                                  July 1979, it was withdrawn from use for a rebuild.       When it returned to the register in
                                  October 1986 it was powered by a 118 hp Lycoming O-235 in place of the standard
                                  Continental O-200, thus turning it into an Airtourer 100 A2.        –SHR was current in
                                  December 2016 and based at Mount Gambier