VH-SEX  Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche B                  (c/n  30-1007)


                                   When Tamair acquired this Twin Comanche in 1969 they tried to get DCA to re-register it.  After all,
                                   they argued, such a risqué registration might be O.K. in the "big city" from whence it came (it was first
                                   registered to Aircraft Rentals Pty Ltd in Sydney in May 1966, ex N7917Y) but after all, this (being
                                   Tamworth, NSW) is a small country town and we have our mores, plus businessmen will be chartering
                                   it, etc. etc.   DCA refused, saying "enough is enough"  (i.e. we've had enough re-registrations and we are
                                   going to quit doing that any more - which wasn't true, but they could very hard nosed at times -I know,
                                   I used to work there)     Consequently it has remained Sierra Echo X-Ray ever since.  Presumably the
                                   current Warwick Qld owner has no qualms with its designation.   Photos show it above , when brand
                                   new at Bankstown from the Geoff Goodall collection and below by John Wheatley at Tamworth in
                                  1972.   Just previous to its acquisition the management of Tamair had been taken over by local business-
                                   man John Roworth, and greatly expanded in the next decade.
                                  For a newspaper clipping of the 'VH-SEX' registration controversy, go the the CAHS entry at: