VH- SEO   Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee                                        (c/n 25-2545)


                                        David Carter’s photo of VH-SEO shows it in 1970 at Bankstown where it was about to be
                                        dismantled and shipped to Malaysia where it became 9M-APO.    The aircraft was first regis-
                                        tered in Australia as VH-SFO in January 1964, probably with Skyfarmers, of Leongatha, Vic.
                                        It was reregistered –SEO in February 1966.    Arthur Hayes and Barry Fredrickson operated
                                        several Pawnees out of Mackay in the VH-SE* block but it also might have been a minimum
                                        change reregistration to free up –SFO, although it was 13 years before that rego was used again
                                        (and then not by Skyfarmers).       9M-APO was not current in 2016 and its fate is unknown.