VH-SEB  Auster V                                    (c/n     1916)

                                      This Auster came to Australia at the end of 1958 from Singapore, where it had been registered
                                      as VR-SEB.   For simplicity's sake it became VH-SEB.   Bob Neate's shot (above) was taken
                                      at Mildura in 1962.  At that time it was popular to dress up Austerrs in what I deem as "pseudo
                                      Piper" liveries!   Geoff Goodall took the photo (below) much later at St. Arnaud, Victoria in 1983.
                                      wherein at least it looked like an Auster  . This aircraft was one of several which had been de-
                                      mobbed in Singapore.  During its time in the colony it was extensively rebuilt from an ex RAF
                                      Auster TW522 and another mark V, VR-SDL using a multitude of Taylorcraft parts.  So much
                                      so that its c/n is usually quoted as TAY983D.  It is still currently on the register.