VH-SCC Percival P.30 Proctor II                        (c/n H.44)


                                  VH-SCC was one of the Proctors built for the Fleet Air Arm (ex BV544),  It was civilianized
                                  in the U.K. as G-AKWO and exported to Australia in 1955.   My shot shows it at Moorabbin
                                  soon after it arrived.   It was reputed to have been withdrawn from use as late as 1974.  Geoff
                                  Goodall provides two other images of it below (upper) at Blyth in 1963 and (lower) at Parafield
                                  in 1967 (by which time it would have had to have special DCA compensation and rigid inspection
                                  procedures regarding its wood bonded construction in order to be permitted to fly).