VH-SBR  DHC-3 Otter                                     (c/n  247)


                                              This was originally Qantas' VH-EAX, and first registered in May 1958.   It was sold to TAA
                                              for its Sunbird Services operation in New Guinea in September 1960, and re-registered as
                                              VH-SBR in December of that year.  Greg Banfield's photo above was taken at Bankstown
                                              in June 1968, possibly when the aircraft was in for a major overhaul.  It was carrying the name
                                              'Kundiawa' (the capital of Simbu Province, PNG).   It was withdrawn from TAA service in
                                              December of 1966 and sold in Canada in 1969 becoming C-FYLZ for North Canada Air.
                                              This 50+ year craft is still current and now flies for Wabakimi Air out of Armstrong Ontario.