VH-SBE  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                 (c/n 12539)


                                          VH-TAW when with regular TAA operation.  Became VH-SBE in 1960. Greg Banfield's shot
                                          above was taken at Mascot in October 1966     Purchased by CASI (Continental Air Services
                                          Inc) in 1968 and was one of the DC-3s leased by Air America during the Viet Nam war.
                                          This one was registered XW-PFT, based in Vientiane.  It (somehow) survived that S.E. Asian
                                          conflict and was returned to CASI and sold to J.M. Garfinkle, of Tarzana, California, dba East
                                          Asia Air Transport of Phnom Penh, as N83AC.   Its registratiuon was cancelled in 1981. 
                                          Presumably the aircraft was scrapped in Cambodia.