VH-SBC  Douglad DC-3CS1C3G                                 (c/n  11971)


                                       VH-SBC was the former Qantas' VH-EAQ, acquired by them in 1949.  In Sept 1960 it was sold
                                       to Trans Australia Airlines for their New Guinea Sunbird services and re-registered VH-SBC.    It
                                       is seen above in that identity in this image by Alan Bovelt at Lae in the early 1960s.     In July 1962
                                       it was leased to the Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force for six years where its identity was X-18.
                                       At the end of the lease it was sold in the US as N370 and was cancelled from the Australian register
                                       in November 1968.   In 1977 it was re-registered N7302 and in 1979 went to Commercials Air Freight.
                                       It was damaged beyond repair at Oaxaca, Mexico on 11 December 1979 although its registration did
                                       not actually expire until June 2011