VH-SBB  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                       (c/n   10000)                            


                                        Bearing the magic 10,000th DC-3 c/n, and registered in the VH-SB series for Trans Australia's
                                        Sunbird Services, this DC-3 sports full "blue-tail" livery, in this image from the Hugo van de Garde
                                        collection.  This was the former Qantas DC-3 VH-EBT (and VH-EBE before that) and was  bought
                                        by Sunbird Services in December 1960.   It was sold by TAA to Air Nuigini on 1 November 1973
                                        and was, in fact, the first aircraft to be painted the original Air Nuigini livery.  It was later re-registered
                                        P2-ANN and eventually wound up back in Australia (unregistered) with Bush Pilots as spares.