VH-SBA  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                              (c/n 6021)


                                    This was the former VH-AES and was in fact, the first aircraft to make TAA's inaugural scheduled
                                    flight between Melbourne and Sydney on 9 September 1946. It eventually went to the airline's Sun-
                                    bird services in New Guinea in 1960.    After being withdrawn from service it returned to Melbourne
                                    and was repainted as VH-AES for TAA's 25th Anniversary Flight.  Danny Tanner saw it above at
                                    Melbourne's new international airport at Tullamarine in April 1977 after it had returned from New
                                    Guinea and prior to the above mentioned restoration.       It was stored at Tullamarine for several
                                    years and then was hung in front of the passenger terminal December 1979 until mid 1987. 
                                    In 1988 it was restored to flying condition and registered to Hawdon Operations Ltd.  It is still air-
                                     airworthy and remains flying today (2016).