VH-SAL  Maule M.4-210 Rocket                                   (c/n  1016)


                                      Originally imported new by Perth agents Winterbottom Tractors, this Maule Rocket had a succession
                                      of WA owners over the years.  These ranged from bases as far north as Derby in the Kimberly's in the
                                      north to Esperance in the south of this vast state.    Geoff Goodall's shot above was taken at Beverly,
                                      WA (130 km east of Perth) in November 1974, while John Wheatley's color slide below was a little
                                      earlier, circa 1970.  .   Records indicate that this aircraft was to have been originally sold in Canada as
                                      CF-URM but this was not taken up and the machine was diverted to the Australian importers' order
                                      instead.  It is still currently (2009) registered, although has left Western Australia and is now privately
                                      owned in New South Wales, sporting a sharp red and white finish.