VH-SAH   Auster J/1N Alpha                           (c/n  3371)


                                   Photos of the Somerset Airways Auster fleet are surprisingly rare.   Although originally with the
                                   company, the hangar shot above taken by Geoff Goodall at Camden, NSW in July 1987 was
                                   long after its sale of this Auster by Somerset.  -SAH is still flying today, as seen in Phil Vabre's
                                   photo (below) taken at Avalon, Victoria in March 2009.    (Even in the late 1950s days of the
                                   fad of miniscule regos the identity would surely have been painted on larger than the current
                                   microscopic effort on the rear fuselage!)    Auster expert Ian O'Neill indicates that this machine
                                   may have been allocated the registration VH-KCH at the Auster factory when it was built back
                                   in March 1957 but these markings were never painted on,  even for its test flight.   It is surmised,
                                   therefore, that the aircraft was imported as, and has always been VH-SAH.   This machine was
                                   the subject of a major rebuild in 1994 and is currently owned by G. Stephens of Warrandyte,