VH-SAD  Auster J/1 Autocrat                         (c/n  2341)


    The above photo, from the Geoff Goodall collection, was taken at Bankstown in August 1966.
                                  Originally G-AJIX, this Auster came out to Australia in late 1951 and became VH-AQN.  Then
                                  VH-AQO and finally in July 1955 was re-registered VH-SAD when acquired by Somerset Airways.          
                                  The reproduction below from the Roger McDonald collection, was excerpted from a a travel maga-
                                  zine and, blurry though it is, shows VH-SAD at Lindeman Island in 1956.   Somerset provided air
                                  service to the island from its base at Mackay.   Withdrawn from use in 1973, I believe this aircraft
                                  was alleged to be undergoing restoration in New Zealand.   Status, anyone?.