VH-RZO    Cessna 337A Super Skymaster            (c/n  337-0366)


                                          VH-RZO was delivered new to Cessna dealers Simpson Aviation in Perth in July 1966.  It was
                                          sold to Air Culture Pty Ltd whose owner, Bill Boulden, decided to set up a (short-lived as it turns
                                          out) charter enterprise as a sideline to their main aerial agriculture business.    In Merv Prime's shot
                                          below, -RZO is seen carrying Boulden Air Charters titling.        In the event it was soon sold off to
                                          Trans West Air Charter who had operated several similar machines.    Geoff Goodall's shot above
                                          shows it at Jandakot in October 1969 after it had been traded back to Simpsons on a newer Cessna
                                          twin.  Mike Madden's photo at the foot of the page shows it when it was with SAATAS in 1972.
                                          VH-RZO had a couple of other owners including the Swan Brewery Co. but ended its days at
                                          remote Rutland Plains Station in Far North Queensland on 24 March 1977.  The pilot had departed
                                          Kowanyama Aboriginal Reserve using the front engine only when the rear one refused to start.  
                                          He forced landed some 3 miles from Rutland Plains strip.