VH-RZB    Cessna 150G                                          (c/n  15064545)

                                      Unusual for an Australian 150, VH-RZB was wearing a set of wheel spats when David Carter
                                      photographed it at Bankstown in 1970.    Wheel spats of that era had a propensity to become
                                      clogged when operating from grass or dirt runways.    It was also thought by many operators to
                                      diminish performance on a aircraft that already performed poorly in hot weather.    –RZB was
                                      registered in September 1966 and 10 years later was with  an owner from Parkes, NSW
                                    . It was still current in November 2016 to a Sydney owner who lives near Camden airport.
                                      Pictures on the internet of –RZB in recent years shows it still has spats but  a different, more
                                      compact, style to the 1966 originals it wore in 1970.