VH-RYB    Cessna 205                                        (c/n  205-0195)

                                          Cessna saw the potential for a fixed gear version of the six-seat Cessna 210 Centurion and
                                          released the Cessna 205 in 1962.      Officially the Model 210-5, it even retained the bulge
                                          under the cowling where the nose gear retracted on the Centurion.  The 205 eventually took
                                          on a life of its own, as the Cessna 206, but not before a handful of the 574 built found their
                                          way to Australia.     VH-RYB was registered in August 1963. David Carter’s picture shows
                                          it at Bankstown in 1970 with a cargo pod and wearing signs of hard work.      . In October
                                          1971 it was damaged in a storm – location unknown – and was off the register for the next
                                          eight years.   –RYB was current in January 2017 with an owner from Newcastle.