VH-RYA (2)  Cessna 207                               (c/n  207-0075)


                                     Unfortunately this beautifully turned out 207 was parked a little too close to its neighbor when
                                     John Wheatley took the above shot at Alice Springs in 1971.  First registered on 12 September
                                     1969 (ex N91109), it was operated by Tipperary Land and Exploration Co.out of Tipperary
                                     Station, in the Northern Territory.  It was later sold to Territory Airlines in PNG (Talair) and in
                                     June 1974 was re-registered P2-RYA, later P2-SED.   Talair had several (3 or 4) C207s but
                                     rated them underpowered and wouldn't fly them into the highlands.  In July 1987 P2-SED was
                                     sold in New Zealand as ZK-FOO.     It had several owners, but on 26 August 2008 the aircraft
                                     suffered a significant power loss takeing off from the Bay or Plenty area and forced landed in a
                                     farm paddock. There were no injuries amongst the seven persons on board, and initially the air-
                                     craft suffered minor damage.           However, in the subsequent recovery effort ZK-FOO was
                                     destroyed after an emergency release from its recovery helicopter.