VH-RXZ  Cessna 150G                               ()c/n  15066751)

                                            Allocated N2851S at Cessna, VH-RXZ was shipped to Australia and joined the register
                                            in December 1967.    When David Carter photographed it home base at Belmont, New-
                                            castle, in June 1970 it was with Aeropelican, and remained with them until at least the latter
                                            part of that decade.      Since the full corporate name of that enterprise was Aeropelican
                                            Intercity Commuter Air Service (Pty) Ltd, it seems an odd type of aircraft, unless it was a
                                            company hack   Did it really carry revenue passengers?    . Aeropelican's main route was
                                            historically between Sydney and Belmont, on Newastle's southern suburbs, with high
                                            frequency service, later using Twin Otters.    In fact, Aeropelican originally owned this
                                            airport..   Anyway, -RXZ was still current in January 2017  and operating from a remote
                                            farming property near Cobar in far western NSW.