VH-RXT  Cessna U206B Super Skywagon                    (c/n U206-0701)


                                       This Super Skywagon came on the register in January 1967 and was originally owned by Far North
                                       Supplies (FNS) of Anadamooka Opal Fields in South Australia..      It was short-lived at that locale
                                       however, and on 15 March 1967 arrived at Ross Aviation Facilities Pty Ltd at Parafield in Adelaide
                                       There it was to have been operated as a privately registered aircraft.        Correspondent Jim Hynd
                                       advises that, in the event, he and the owner set up an operation under the name "Northair Charter" and
                                       flew the big Cessna for that business enterprise until at least April/May 1969.       It is seen in the shot
                                       below by David Mackenzie at Parafield, Adelaide in January 1969 wearing Northair titling.   In Geoff
                                       Goodall's photo above, at Jandakot in April 1972 it was owned by McPhar Geophysics  A later (mid
                                       1970s) owner was Robby's Aerial Services at Parafield.        Today (2015) it is currently owned and
                                       operated by Caboolture Aircraft Charters Pty Ltd.