VH-RWY  Cessna 182F Skylane                                (c/n  18254532)


                                           Another Ansett Air Race Skylane seen at Bankstown on 29 March 1964 by Greg Banfield.  It was
                                           a Royal Aero Club of WA aircraft flown in the event by R.E. Graham.   It had been registered new
                                           to the club on 3 May 1963.  In November 1969 it was sold to a private owner before moving north
                                           to Walker Aviation at Port Hedland, WA.  It was wrecked in a forced landing at Miller Outstation
                                           on 'Malina' Station on  29 January 1975.  The fuselage of the remains married to the tail of a Cessna
                                           Cardinal was used for fire fighting practice at Port Hedland Airport.