VH-RWO  Cessna 182C Skylane                                      (c/n  52908)


                                       This shot was taken by Geoff Goodall at Adelaide Airport on new Years Eve, 1962 while on a
                                       holiday flight from Perth.  -RWO had been accompanied by -RWZ, a 182E model Skylane.
                                       The Royal Aero Club of WA purchased -RWO from Aero Service Pty Ltd at Maylands Aero-
                                       drome in October 1960 when it was registered VH-WFZ.   It made the short ferry flight over to
                                       Perth Airport where the club was then based on 13 October 1960 flown by club instructor Harry
                                       Pepper.  Re-registration to VH-RWO came two weeks later.   Color scheme was red and black
                                       on natural metal.        The RACWA sold the machine in November 1964 whereupon it became