VH-RWD  (2)   Beech A23A Musketeer Custom III                        (c/n M-1018)


                                    I am not sure which iteration of -RWD this aircraft represents (possibly the second?) so will leave
                                    it sans integer for now.  The RAeCWA had two Musketeers. This one purchased new May 1967
                                    and -RWA.  Note club emblem on the starboard door.  Geoff Goodall's shot above was at Janda-
                                    kot in April 1970.  Geoff saw it again after it had been sold off, at a country air show at Northam,
                                    WA (below) in November 1977 sporting a rather nice new paint scheme. -RWD is now privately
                                    owned and still in the Perth area.  .