VH-RWA (3)  Beech  A-23A Musketeer                                    (c/n  M-1012)

This 1966 Musketeer has an interesting history.    Registered new in Australia on 16 March 1967
                                    with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia's 'flagship' registration, it was involved in a mid-air
                                    collision with a Comanche on finals at Jandakot on 8 January 1970 but landed safely and was re-
                                    paired.     A year later it ran off a runway into a ditch, but continued to give good 
service to the club
                                    until sold off in April 1973.   Geoff Goodall's shot above taken at Jandakot in October 1971 shows
                                    it wearing a rally number and in its original factory paint job.     Below is a (fairly recent) photo of it
                                    by Phil Vabre at Yarrawonga in January 2009.      Still on the register, it is now based at Coldstream,