VH-RUT  Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander                                         (c/n  165)


                                       Despite its unusual registration (I mean, why wasn't it VH-E something?), this BN-2A was first
                                       registered in April 1970.  It was built on the I.O.W. as G-51-165 and then G-AXYT.  It work-
                                       ed for several years with Island Air (Pty) Ltd of Toowoomba.       Odd that the only shot of it
                                       have gleaned is this contemporary photo above by Ian McDonell taken at Hervey Bay, Queens-
                                       land in July 2016.   As can be seen, current owner is Lady Elliott Island Resort and it is used to
                                       ferry guests from Hervey Bay airport to Lady Elliott Island Eco Resort, some 50 nm miles off
                                       the coast.  Correspondent Warwick Henry advises (2017) that -RUT was flown to Archerfield
                                       on 24 December 2016 to be broken up.