VH-RTP  Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander                     (c/n  79)


                                 This was another of the Islanders acquired by Murchison Air Services, and was registered in February
                                 1971.  Although beyond my cut-off date of 12/31/70 for inclusion into this website collection, I will
                                 nevertheless include it for completion sake.   MAS was taken over shortly afterwards by Trans-West
                                 Air Charter.        Geoff Goodall's two photos here show it, above, ex-MAS at Goldsworthy, WA  in                               
                                 October 1971, (with Murchison scratched off just aft of the wing) and below at Perth in October 1975
                                 in full TWAC white and yellow livery.  Still current, -RTP is now owned by Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd.