VH-RTK  Britten-Norman BN-2A-6 Islander                      (c/n  194)


                                  VH-RTK was originally G-AYHK (test flown as G-51-194) and first registered in Australia on
                                  27 November 1970 (making it just within the date window for showing in this collection).  Geoff
                                  Goodall's shot shows it in the hangar at Perth on 6 December 1970, having just joined the Murchison
                                  Air Services fleet. .  Barely a month later it was overturned and suffered damage during a cyclone at
                                  Roebourne, WA and was stricken from the registered.  In the photo below, also from Geoff, and
                                  taken at Roebourne in January 1971, it can be seen to be recoverable and, the Islander was, in fact
                                  rebuilt and then sold to PNG as P2-RTK.