VH-RTH  Cessna 210K Centurion                               (c/n    21059327)


                                            The 210K had several enhanced features over previous model Centurions.   The undercarriage legs
                                            were changed from spring steel to tube with bulged main gear doors.   Also, the rear cabin now had
                                            one large, instead of two smaller, windows.           The four shots on this page are all from the Geoff
                                            Goodall collection and show -RTH (above) at Dampier, WA in full Murchison Air Services livery
                                            with the all red tail and Southern Cross stars.     Murchison was its first owner and the 210K was
                                            delivered in  January 1970.  (The Fokker F-28 in the background is VH-FKA).    By October of
                                            1971 Murchison was in the process of being taken over by Trans West Air Charter and in the shot
                                            immediately below repainting had commenced.     Photo No 3 shows it again at Dampier now with
                                            the then Trans West markings.      Finally at the foot of the page it is seen in a new TWAC livery at
                                            Port Hedland in October 1975.      -RTH had several other operators over the years before being
                                            written off in a crash at Killiecrankie, Tasmania on 17 December 2002. .